KLĀY in Thai simply means loosen
or make something tied, fastened or fixed
less tight or firm.

And for us, it alternatively means
relaxing, calming and soothing
your body, mind and soul.

We are focused on our customers’ experience and our name is the true definition of this.
We create moments that allow our customers to be comfortable, happy and to enjoy our products their way.

We were created out of a deep love for creating authentic connections

between design and senses.

We are a collection of Home Living Lifestyle Products, each unique, all designed to connect our customers with the true character of the local and simplicity


Support Local
Support Small Business

Enhance Sustainability

Handcrafted in Chiang Mai

Most of our products are heart-fully handcrafted by small local business with a sustainable approach to all aspects of its operation.

We operate on a collective & creative energy,
a strong sense of responsibility with respect to material production and consumption and our engagement with the local community.
We have a strong focus on local supply and supporting like-minded partners.